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SPLINE has been founded in 1998 by a group of naval architects and technicians, with many years of experience on basic and detailed ships design, coming from qualified technical offices and shipyards, and improved its potentiality with other technicians and also personnel coming from shipping companies.

The actual permanent staff is as follows:

  • 2 graduated naval architects
  • 2 naval technicians
with a production of around 9,000 hours per year.

SPLINE deal with all the aspects of basic design, detailed engineering, safety organization and environmental protection of new buildings, conversions and ship in service:

  • concept design
  • hydrostatics
  • hydrodynamics
  • technical specifications
  • structures
  • outfitting
  • piping diagrams
  • piping coordination plans
  • interiors engineering
  • workshop drawings
  • underwater vehicles and system basic and detailed design
  • advanced "watch-one" bridge layout
  • manuals

Mainly used software:
hull form generation and naval architecture calculations
basic graphic
structure finite elements analysis
ships structure scantling (R.I.Na.)
office automation

The various experiences performed in the ships and underwater vehicles design field (new buildings and conversions) bring SPLINE to deal with :

  • cargo ships
  • passenger ships
  • ferries
  • special ships
  • off shore

See our reference list for detailed reference projects.

SPLINE s.c.r.l.
Via 1 Maggio 5/1 - 30038 Spinea (Venezia) - Italy
Tel. +39 041 5413003 / 5413175
Fax. +39 041 5088597
E-mail: spline@spline.it